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Trust GIMBER gift packs to set the holidays on fire

Have you ever met anyone who didn’t enjoy the gift of GIMBER? Neither have we! To help you treat your friends to a wild Christmas & a fiery New Year, GIMBER has dressed to impress! 

No less than 3 exclusive GIMBER gift sets are waiting to be handed to your loved ones. Have them delivered to your home or sent directly to their lucky recipients.


Highly seductive, this set will entice its lucky recipient to experiment the fragrant bite of GIMBER with a favourite +1. A pair of GIMBER-branded glasses & a bottle of 500ml of GIMBER The Original are just what it takes to get anyone to seal the real GIMBER deal...


We all know someone who could do with a little inspiration in life & in the kitchen. This is THE book they need to get cozy at home with some mocktails, cocktails, food & inspiring stories by our ambassadors truly. Those remarkable chefs, artists and athletes share here their freshest & simplest recipes to vibe in the kitchen.


You can never go wrong with a classic. This package that’s got the whole package will delight your dearest & nearest with flavour, fire & GIMBER’s natural kick. With 500ml of GIMBER, 2 GIMBER exclusive glasses, 2 GIMBER shots & 2 reusable straws, this gift set is the ultimate classic party cracker.

Bring GIMBER to the dinner table.

Tell you one thing: you can be a great host even without a great roast. How? By serving the four-course GIMBER feast.

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