The Perfect Christmas Menu

If you like GIMBER the way we do then you have a serious problem. That problem is that you simply can’t get enough! Not figuratively. Literally.

Obviously one can enjoy a GIMBER for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but sometimes that just isn’t sufficient. Fear not, we have faced the same dilemma, which is why we’ve found ways to tastefully incorporate GIMBER into, well… just about everything. Drinks, meals, snacks and even desserts can be elevated with the addition of GIMBER!

Don’t believe us? Let us put our recipes where our mouth is. Or…where your mouth is? You know what we mean.

It’s getting chili outside, but we have just the drink to warm you up. A delicious Apple Hottie, it has everything you could want in a cold weather drink; Apple. Hottie. Okay, maybe you should just check out the recipe. It’s sure to be a fall hit!

Once you’re warmed up you can start FILLING up on some of our tasty GIMBER infused dishes. Why not start with our Vegan Roasted Vegetable Dip? It’s the perfect stand alone snack. Or try pairing it with one of our delicious entree recipes like Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon. This dish answers the question, “what if Salmon and GIMBER had a baby”? It does not answer the question, “HOW would Salmon and GIMBER have a baby” and frankly, we think that’s for the best.

Salmon recipeNow there is only one thing missing and that, of course, is dessert! The most important meal of the day. We think our GIMBER Pumpkin Oatmeal Bar is the perfect treat to wrap up your four course GIMBER feast. Yes, we’re counting the Apple Hottie as a course.

Vegan oatmeal bar

We hope you find these recipes as irresistible as we do. For more ideas check out all our recipes here and don’t be afraid to experiment on your own!

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