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GIMBER N°2 Brut contains 50% less sugar and, with the perfect balance of tasty premium yuzu and lemon thyme, makes a delicious thirst quencher. As fresh and with the same kick as GIMBER N°1 Original, it fits nicely into the ranks of our refreshing pick-me-ups with still the recognizable, original spicy character of GIMBER.

GIMBER n°2 Brut will not fail to deliver exactly what you expect from a classic GIMBER.

Mix 20-30 ml of GIMBER with fresh sparkling water or hot water and finish with your personal touch. Also try it as a base for your mugs or cocktails.

Number of servings for each bottle 

  • 200 ml: 8 Glasses
  • 500 ml: 15 Glasses
  • 700 ml: 25 Glasses
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Ingredients: 38% ginger*, cane sugar*, lemon*, water, spices*. (*organic origin)
Average nutritional values

BE-BIO-01 Certisys EU/non-EU agriculture BE-BIO-01 Certisys EU/non-EU agriculture

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