We Want YOU to Join Our Army of Brand Ambassadors

Do you follow any influencers on social media? Maybe a fitness model? Or a #vanlifer? or *gasp* a Kardashian?? (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us).

We all have our guilty pleasures on social media. As we watch their lives scroll down our screens it’s hard not to feel just a little envious of their lavish lifestyles. Have you ever dreamt of becoming an influencer? Endorsing products, championing brands you know and love, and being compensated for it?! It sounds pretty incredible, but that life isn’t for most of us. After all, we don’t all happen to have a few hundred thousand followers laying around. The reality is you can’t be a brand ambassador without a massive following…until now.

We here at GIMBER don’t think brand ambassadorship should be limited to those massive influencers. We believe that anybody who truly believes in a product should be able to use their social media presence, however modest, to promote a brand and be compensated for it.

That’s why we’ve created our very own Gimbassador program, and we’d love for you to join. Yes YOU! We don’t care about your following, your engagement or your growth metrics. All we care about is that you love GIMBER as much as we do and you want to spread the word.

If you have what it takes to be a GIMBassador you’ll get early access to new products, exclusive offers and even the opportunity to earn gift cards!

Of course, there is always a risk. You may get way too much free GIMBER or worse, too much cash money. It is also possible that all of your friends will become massively jealous of your new found VIP status, but don’t worry; they can become GIMBassadors too!

Now is your chance to become a GIMBassador and get access to free GIMBER products and great discounts, as well as other perks like invites to our exclusive parties, the adoration of strangers and much, much more.
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