Reset your Power with Sober October

We hear you, bidding farewell to summer and stepping into winter can leave your body & soul feeling unprepared... Enter Sober October, an invitation to stand at the no-booze altar for a month and treat your body as the sacred temple it really is. But how? Allow us to show you the way to this rejuvenating window of sobriety and its many benefits.

Go Sober for October

We may not be physically waving the pom-poms, but we’re cheering you on already! The best decision you can make to kick off the autumn months, Sober October encourages you to go alcohol-free for 14, 21 or 31 days. Whether you’re a heavy drinker or only indulge occasionally, you’ll experience the perks of a healthier lifestyle once you go sober for October. Because, let’s face it, alcohol causes its fair share of damage. In a nutshell, consistently ditching the booze will make your energy levels soar, your weight drop, your sleep improve and your brain feel a lot clearer. Not mention lower your risk of feeling down due to persistent hangovers, and of developing chronic illnesses.

Get On The Sober October Challenge

Does Dry January ring a bell? The Sober October Challenge is pretty much the same invitation to cut back on alcohol and stay sober for October. Begun in 2014 as a challenge to raise money for cancer, this fundraising campaign has become an empowering cleanse for those who give it a shot - no pun intended - and even resulted in a permanent lifestyle change for many participants. Turns out that cutting your liver some slack delivers a host of valuable benefits; saying goodbye to those banging day-after headaches being one of them.

Alcohol-free drink

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

If you still can’t picture yourself at a party with a drink that doesn’t involve your favourite liquor, you might need a helping hand to understand how to stop drinking alcohol. We get that sipping on a brain-relaxer is what some of us feel we need to drop the overthinking and let loose. What’s tricky though is that, whatever your poison, the feeling of relief is only temporary and boomerangs back to your darkest side within just a few hours…

Your Saviour For Sober October

To exit that vicious circle, we strongly recommend you give the Sober October challenge a try. If you’re still wondering how to stop drinking alcohol, do yourself a flavour and try GIMBER. Our organic ginger mixers are made for you to enjoy sobriety more than you ever did your classic pours. You can definitely trust them to help you go sober for October & healthier for a lifetime.

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