With PERRIER® X GIMBER®, no more excuses to skip Dry January

Coming straight out of Great Britain, the concept of cutting back on alcohol for a month, also known as Dry January, is the new must punctuating the start of each year. In 2021, one out of 10 people* joined the Dry January challenge & vowed not to drink a single drop of alcohol all through the first month of the year.

Dry January is the perfect occasion to entertain you with the secrets of our Perfect Serve!

In 2017, in the spirit of Willy Wonka, Dimitri, our founder, enrolled his taste buds and his patience into the crazy adventure of tasting about 50 sparkling waters. Why would he do that? Good question! He simply was on a quest to find the water that would bring out GIMBER’s bite in the very best way.

Very quickly, PERRIER®, the iconic sparkling mineral water brand, as well as a privileged partner in the mixology world, stood out as the obvious choice. Today, we’d like to offer you a unique association, to make PERRIER® ’s strong bubbles and GIMBER®’s spicy ginger meet in a shivering splash. A surprising boost and a perfect alternative to alcohol, all happening in the midst of a refreshing, delightful and healthy encounter.

In this context, Le Syndicat, a bar prized in 2018 as one of the Best 50 Bars in France, is treating us with a recipe that will help you to keep up with your good resolutions! Get the recipe here.

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