GIMBER ORIGINALS: From Ibiza with love. A deep dive with local artist into the lifestyle that keeps GIMBER inspired.

A conversation with Maria Santos

Even if a sip of GIMBER is all you need to be swept away to your perfect place, we love bringing you some extra wanderlust through some exciting visuals staging your favourite ginger drink. To photograph your bottle of GIMBER in a light that does credit to its inside fire, we found no better place than Ibiza...and no better photographer than Maria Santos. Between two photo shoots where she captured the very soul of our ginger concentrate, this passionate artist painted us her personal picture of a flawless summer. Why don’t you sit back and get a sweet taste of a lifestyle that has inspired GIMBER since the very beginning.

Maria, let’s start with some deep talk. What’s your most precious advice to our readers for a healthy & mindful lifestyle?

Just one little thing: take some time and listen to the silence. I believe everything we’re waiting for lies in silence.

What are your two favourite places on earth and why?

That’s simple. First of all, my bed, ‘cause it’s cosy, clean and full of dreams. Then, I’d have to say Ibiza. It’s my place, the island where I was born. It represents my roots, where my family and friends live, and it’s also the place where magic is everywhere.

Ibiza vibes with Maria Santos

Word! And Ibiza is never as magical as in the summer... What are the things you are passionate about these days?

Brace yourself for a long list! I’d start with the summer nights, staring at the blue sea, having an early swim, some cold drinks, eating paella, lying down for a siesta… I’m also spending time with my new nephew, my family. Summer gets me very excited about fresh tomatoes from the orchard as well, music, ALWAYS music, new galleries opening in Ibiza, my upcoming trip to Japan, my next shoot with my agency Tira del Hilo Eventos (@tiradelhiloeventos)...and the list goes on but I’ll spare you the details!

“I’m a food lover but after trying GIMBER, I could easily say that watermelon juice & GIMBER has become my favourite thing to have this summer.”

You’re a photographer based in Ibiza so you get to work with a lot of cool brands. Which one is your favourite?

Shh. Don't ask this in public, please! (laughs). What I can say is that it’s been a pleasure working with GIMBER. I’m glad you guys reached out to me via Instagram. It was unexpected and it’s given way to one of the hottest photos I got to shoot this summer. So, gracias familia GIMBER. Please come back soon, I’ll definitely be waiting for you.

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