5 surprising things that happen when you stop drinking

As much as not drinking alcohol had no cool to it in the early 2000’s, the good habit of going “dry” for a while seems to have grown on us for the past decade. Thanks to Dry January and other social media-worthy challenges such as Sober October and Tournée Minérale, the trend is set: cutting back on booze is no longer boo-ed. Quite contrarily, it’s being raised to a high standard of self-care, just as meditation, Crossfit or even therapy. Can’t figure out why? Well, as Belgian promoters of a sober lifestyle, we, at GIMBER, could not let the Tournée Minérale go by without letting you know what we see in sobriety and what it can genuinely do for you.

  1. You throw a party in your body

Drinking alcohol is a social gesture many of us perpetrate without second-guessing it. Especially at parties. When a tray pops by full of liquid goodies, it’s just hard not to grab one. Also, it helps, they say. Does it really though? Because one thing’s for sure: it does not help your body. Dehydration, toxin rush, high sugar intake, decreased sex drive & performance, unwanted desinhibition and poor stamina are just a few tangible fragments of the bomb you drop onto your system when you flush down one too many. On the other hand, when you drink no alcohol or - even better - when you pick an alcohol-free drink like GIMBER, you do more than sparing yourself a trying night with a frightening heart rate…Yes, you do much better: you invite the party in your body!

  1. You don't get dry, you get on a natural high!

Launched in 2013 as a challenge to encourage a month off alcohol in the UK, Dry January is actually everything but dry. Proof is: not only does it give your body a chance to get juicy with some proper alcohol-free hydration, but it also puts your energy where your mouth is. Picking GIMBER as an alternative to your favourite wine or liquor is an unexpected source of stamina you won't want to do without. So, If you’re full of projects, you should definitely always keep your glass full of GIMBER.

  1. You drink clean, you talk clean

Don't remember clearly what happened on the 31st of December? You could ring your friends to make sure you did not say or do anything inappropriate OR you could bare with the unknown just one more time and make amends by hopping on the Tournée Minérale challenge! The fullness you get from meaning what you say and saying what you mean at all times is worth a thousand times a glass of your favourite poison, trust us! That should be a great incentive to not only get sober during the Tournée Minérale, in October or dry in January, but to settle for a (more) sustainable sober lifestyle.

  1. You avoid unnecessary drama

How often have you engaged in an argument with a partner, a friend, some family members or strangers under the influence of alcohol? Don’t feel too bad about it, it happens to everyone, really. At least, everyone who indulges once in a while in a few alcoholic drinks. Those, on the other hand, who party with no alcohol are definitely less prompt to the incursive gibberish that shows up at the end of a night drenched in booze… Now what if we told you that whatever high you’re seeking in cocktails can be found naturally in a glass of GIMBER? Start pouring to stop drinking!

  1. You say farewell to hangovers

We saved the most obvious for last. Indeed, we can all agree that what notoriously makes drinking (or binging) alcohol a real pain is the excruciating feeling of hangover that has to be endured the next day. Bad headache, foggy brain, nausea (when not vomiting), low energy & poor sex drive, dehydration, tachycardia - to name a few - will suck the life out of you and have you waste a full day on the account of a profound physical and mental feeling of emptiness. You will then vow you’ll never drink again and lose a few more precious days getting over the dragging fatigue…Contrary to popular belief, you are not doomed to repeat that scenario over and over again. No. You can also help yourself to quit alcohol with an amazing party-worthy and tasteful alcohol-free substitute such as GIMBER.

Convinced yet? Quitting alcohol and committing to an alcohol-free lifestyle can be intimidating, we feel you. That’s precisely why GIMBER was created: to offer you a solid plan B to a classic drink on a classic night out. Helping you get on the clean side of things is definitely part of our mission, during Dry January, Tournée Minérale and beyond. Whether you need or want to quit drinking, you can trust our alcohol-free ginger concentrate to give you the right kick and help you get your juice back more easily than you would expect. Now, cheers to a successful Dry January & to a sustainable sobriety!

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