20cl sparkling water

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The unique blend of ginger, lemon, herbs, spices

GIMBER is made of organic and high-quality ginger, lemons, cane sugar, herbs and spices, creating a powerful and tasteful drink.

An easy way to create alcohol-free drinks
and much more

BYE BYE alcohol!

Not only is ginger a superfood that does wonders for your immune system, it gives POWER to your drink.

Get your Free GIMBER Glass
Get your Free GIMBER Glass

Natural Power

GIMBER can sometimes give you a much-needed boost. There’s absolutely no caffeine in our GIMBER, only lots of POWER due to the large amount of high-quality ginger!

Shake it

Shaking it unleashes that power and, trust us, you want that power!

Mix it

Simply combine 30ml of GIMBER with 200ml of crisp sparkling water, add some ice cubes and maybe a branch of thyme, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Drink it

Relax & Enjoy!

No alcohol,
All kick

Try it now

Let GIMBER inspire your taste buds

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