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Get down to business with GIMBER

If everyone’s drinking it, then you should definitely be serving it! Let GIMBER make a glorious entrance in your shop, on your menu, on your company’s kitchen counter or on your business gift list... and watch our organic alcohol-free ginger drink with a bite elevate your business.

Scroll down to find the fitted GIMBER solution that will quench your company’s thirst for boldness.

in your shop

Be the store with the right pour. Join now our community of retailers with a flair for a timeless hit. How? Why don’t you leave you name and your number, and we’ll get back to you.

Get GIMBER in your shop

Join the adventure! Be one of 1000+ undaunted GIMBER retailers around the world.

on the menu

A perfect addition to your bar or restaurant’s finest drink list.

Our organic liquid gold is the perfect welcome gift for a hotel or wellness guest too. It feels like a massage in a bottle to new and beloved visitors of your wellness facility.

Get GIMBER on the menu

Get the kick at the office

Boost your troops with a one-time or recurring supply of GIMBER delivered to your office at an attractive price. For an offer tailored to your company needs, get in touch now.

GIMBER 700 ml
GIMBER 500 ml
GIMBER Giftbox

GIMBER, the golden business gift

Keep the liquid gold flowing for those who contribute to the success of your business. Whether a one-time or an ever-available present to your partners, GIMBER will speak volumes about how much you care.

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Choose from a large selection of GIMBER gifts

Whether you care for them a lot or passionately, you’ll find in our selection the perfect GIMBER treat to celebrate your partners and employees.

Pimp your business gifts with:

  • Personalized gift labels
  • A6 postcards carrying your personal message
  • A fast & direct delivery to the lucky recipient
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They got GIMBER on their business gift list

It doesn’t hurt to ask... get your request in!

Don’t miss out on the GIMBER fever. Reach out now to receive personalized information & a quote.

Thank you for reaching out

We’ve taken good note of your request. Our sales team will be in touch with you. In the meantime, we’ll be raising our GIMBER glasses to the success of your business!

I want GIMBER in my shop
  • I want GIMBER in my shop
  • I want GIMBER on the menu/in my venue
  • I want GIMBER at the office
  • I want GIMBER as a business gift
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