Wild as nature.
Fierce as fire.

0% Alc - 100% Taste - 200% Bite

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An organic ginger concentrate.

Taste the power of GIMBER. A versatile organic drink made from more than 38% premium ginger, lemon, herbs and spices to make your taste buds tango. Zero alcohol, plenty of bite.



Probably the most versatile drink in the world. Alcohol-free and organic. Bursting with character and a bit quirky. Blend in your own flavours, personality and flair. Make it all your own.

An (unexpected) story.

An (unexpected) story.

When Dimitri Oosterlynck felt that nothing in his life was going the way he wanted, he embarked upon a quest for the perfect alternative to alcohol: GIMBER! Its success soon outgrew the humble garage in which it was born. Now Dimitri is trying to spice up as many people’s lives as possible with GIMBER.

The best of nature.

The best of nature.

GIMBER is packed full of high-quality ginger to boost your health. It contains a premium variety of ginger found in the far reaches of the mountains of Peru, where this fiery golden root fights for its existence.

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